Important Information for SmoothStar fans in Thailand.

Want to order SmoothStar the easiest way?

SmoothStar International is currently in the process of sending thousands and thousands of boards to Thailand. The Head Quarters in Sydney, Australia is doing their best to help Thai people obtain SmoothStar with better prices and more benefits. Together with Urface, the official distributor, there will be plenty of stock available and you can save your money.

The official price for SmoothStar in Thailand is between 10,800 - 12,800 Baht
We need your help by purchasing the official way and not through the unauthorised sellers.
Simply pre purchase the official way as you will get the following bonuses...
  • Delivery end of August
  • Free invitation to official SmoothStar training events (when COVID restrictions ease) in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Phuket. Coaches will provide you expert tips on assistance on how to ride
  • A chance to win a free SmoothStar signed by Pro Surfers Filipe Toledo & Johanne Defay
  • Free online tutorial from Australian surf coaches on how to ride the boards correctly just like a pro surfer
  • How to improve your surfing with SmoothStar from one of the world’s most famous YouTuber
  • 6 New Maintenance videos on how look after your SmoothStar so it last for many years

World's #1 Surf Trainer


Order limitation: One SmoothStar complete board per person

Order limitation: One SmoothStar complete board per person


Free invitation to coaching & Events

Win a pro surfer signed SmoothStar

Ride the SmoothStar Surf Ramp

Tips from World's #1 Surfing YouTuber

6 x Maintenance videos

SmoothStar would like to support the Thai Surfskate community as much as possible. If you have a support question, please email [email protected]

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